ManagerAdrian Mitchell

Adrian is my business manager and coordinates my worldwide business affairs. He has been my manager since I signed with IMG in 1995 and works on my behalf on every aspect of my career and in every territory since my business is global.

ExecutiveRebecca Hanson

Rebecca also works for IMG and deals with both my day to day business and personal arrangements, along with liaising with my sponsors.

CaddieRonan Flood

Ronan Flood has been my caddy since 2004, he is also my brother-in-law (by marriage). Ronan married Susie Gregan, the sister of my wife Caroline, in 2007. He is a former assistant bank manager who plays to a two handicap, and is the younger brother of one of my boyhood friends.

CoachPete Cowen

Peter Cowen is recognised as one of the world's elite band of teaching professionals. A former Tour winner, Peter established his reputation as a first class coach whilst Head Professional at the prestigious Lindrick Golf Club near Worksop.

Practice CoachDave Alred

Dave Alred is a leading expert in the field of performance and mental preparation. An ex-professional rugby player, he has worked with athletes in a number of sports, including both codes of rugby, football, gaelic football, Australian rules, polo and cricket, and is in the Coaching Hall of Fame. His theories allow sportsmen and women to always perform at or near to their potential under pressure.

Sports PsychologistDr Bob Rotella

Since 1984 Dr. Bob Rotella has coached the winners of 74 major championships in men's, women's and senior professional golf. As well as golf Dr. Bob Rotella also works with winners in tennis, baseball, basketball and other sports. He's helped singers and business people. Anyone whose work or play involves mental challenges can benefit from his proven wisdom.

Fitness AdvisorLiam Hennessy

Liam is an expert in Sports Physiology. Apart from the years of developing the blend of strength, stamina and suppleness in my body, he has designed programmes to guard against injury and optimise food and drink intake on and off the course.

At Oakland Hills Liam spotted that I wasn't taking enough fluids on board during the first two rounds. Once the hydration problem was sorted out, my focus improved dramatically.

BiomechanistDr Paul Hurrion

Paul is a leading international Biomechanist, and has specialised in developing research and analysis of putting. He uses hi-tech cameras and computer software to assist golfers in learning the ultimate techniques in relation to putting.

Sports ChiropractorShane Lawlor

Shane graduated from the Welsh Institute of Chiropractic at the University of South Wales in 2006 with a BSc. in Chiropractic. He is one of Europe's leading Golf Performance Therapists and is an expert in the treatment, screening and rehabilitation of golf injuries. Shane has traveled with professional golfers for over 5 years on both the European & PGA Tours for 25 weeks a year.