Life is a lot easier when you play badly and then all of a sudden you get in contention and win one. No one gets on your back. When you finish runner-up seven times, everyone is asking, 'Why aren't you winning?' It's much more fun when you jump into a win out of the blue. It's a much tougher game when you play consistently well.

Farmers Insurance Open

Entry Date:
Jan 24, 2018

Missing the cut wasn't the start to the year that I was looking for. Coming here I knew that I was quite rusty but I was still hopeful of playing all four rounds. I was disappointed to miss the cut as I know I should have made it, but a few errors both days cost me.

I knew coming here that I wasn't well prepared for tournament golf as I had only played the PNC Father and Son Challenge since the third week of November. So as usual I found myself traveling over wishing that I had another week to get myself tournament ready. I played the pro-ams on both Monday and Wednesday but the rest of the time I was hitting shots, which is not great preparation for a tournament.

As a result of all the practice I was a bit unsure as to what I was doing and how I was going to hit the ball. I worked on a few things that were different for me and so it was a bit of a distraction whilst I was playing. This showed up in my driving most of all and on Friday I only hit 2 fairways. On Thursday I drove it better but still missed quite a few fairways.

In general my game was slightly off but not terrible. I did struggle with the driver on Friday but I managed to work my way around the course, but as bad as I felt at times, I should still have made the cut.

In the 2nd round, I hit the wrong type of shot into my 9th, the 18th hole. It was my third shot and it ended up spinning back into the water, which cost me a double bogey when I was thinking birdie. On top of this, I missed a couple of short putts and made a few more mental mistakes. I could so easily have been four or five under but instead I had the weekend off.

Looking back at it I can see that it was very much rustiness, however I am not worried as I can see that my game was easily good enough to do well in the tournament. Other times you can miss a cut and leave the course feeling like you are miles off the pace but not last week. I know that had I been better prepared I would have done well.

The were a lot of positives to take from the week. I felt that I putted well even if most didn't drop and my chipping was decent. I also know that, like the rest of my game, as I get going it will only improve.

Overall I am disappointed not to have made the cut but I am not stressed as I know my game is good enough. I have a week off now, which I am spending here in San Diego and LA, to get ready for my next three tournaments.

Talk soon,

After the bones of nine weeks off, I am getting back into action in San Diego at the Farmers Insurance Open at Torrey Pines. I have to say, what a great place to start your season off. It was hard leaving for this trip as I have been home for so long, but once I got here I was straight back into it.

I spent most of my break at home hitting shots indoors as the weather wasn't great for outdoor practice. The only problem with that is that it's not great preparation for a tournament. As a result I am always a little nervous about what I am going to see when I get onto the course for the first event of the year.

I came over here this week with the mindset of getting out and playing golf and not spending much time hitting balls. However that kind of went out the window as I ended up meeting George Gankas on Monday and having a chat with him. I had heard a lot about him and his thoughts on the swing but I hadn't met him in person. It was an interesting chat, he had a few thoughts for me on my swing and as you would expect I spent a lot of time hitting balls afterwards.

I played the pro-ams on both Monday and Wednesday. There was some good stuff in there and some iffy stuff. On Tuesday I spent time hitting balls trying out George's theories. I have a lot going on with the work I did during the break and after what I have done here I can see some confusion tomorrow! However, one of the main positives from playing was that my putting was good and the ball is rolling very well for me. My chipping is a little rusty; I?m not used to the firm greens and so found myself having a few putts back.

This week we play both the North and South course at Torrey Pines. Historically the North course has been substantially easier but it has had all the greens redone and now it is much tougher. The greens are firm and the rough is quite heavy making it quite difficult. It's not quite as tough as the South Course but it's not far behind. Both courses are in very good condition and the weather forecast is great.

Pretty much every year I have started back I have wished I had another week to get ready and this year is no different. I am aware that I have prepared for the tournament badly and would love to have a few more days to get myself ready. However I don?t have that luxury. I am starting my 22nd year on Tour tomorrow and, as always, I am anxious and not sure what to expect.

I'm playing with Brendan Steele and Brian Harman at 10.40am (6.40pm Irish time) on the North course in the first round. I played this course in the Wednesday pro-am so it's nice to play it again whilst it's fresh in my mind. It's hard to have expectations for the week, it's really just a case of waiting to see what happens and how my game is and then go from there over the next few weeks.

Talk soon,