Life is a lot easier when you play badly and then all of a sudden you get in contention and win one. No one gets on your back. When you finish runner-up seven times, everyone is asking, 'Why aren't you winning?' It's much more fun when you jump into a win out of the blue. It's a much tougher game when you play consistently well.

PGA Championship

Entry Date:
Aug 5, 2017

Missing the cut at Quail Hollow was very disappointing. Having to watch the weekend of a major on TV rather than playing is always tough....

When I was warming up on Thursday I was hitting a few shots left and as a result when I got on the course I was fighting the left side of the course. On my first couple of holes I hit my tee shots right due to this but I managed to get myself through them with pars. I didn't feel comfortable but I was working my way around the course. I made five pars and then hit a good drive down the 15th (my 6th hole) which put me easily in range in two with my four wood, which was probably the first shot I felt good about. I then had to wait for a while and when I stood over it I was put off by the big side slope and ended up completely mishitting it up against the out of bounds fence. From there I had to take a drop and eventually I ended up taking a double bogey. I had gone from looking at an easy birdie to taking a double - I couldn't believe it! Then on the next two holes I pulled my iron shots into the water and made two more doubles, which was effectively the end of my tournament. In the end I made another double on the 8th and shot 8 over par. The only good thing I could take from the round was that I holed a good 6 footer on my last hole to break 80!

I struggled again on Friday and never had a chance of making the cut. Unfortunately for me a storm came in and it meant that I wasn't able to finish my round and had to come back on Saturday morning to play the 17th and 18th holes, which meant an early morning start to play two holes for nothing. That said I gave them my all as I always do and made a par and a birdie.

So, it was another major weekend of TV viewing for me, which was not what I had planned but luckily there is always next week.

Well done to Justin Thomas! He played great coming down the stretch and deserved to win.

Talk soon, Padraig.

It's the final major of the year, the USPGA Championship and this year we are in Charlotte, North Carolina for it. The course, Quail Hollow, will be familiar to everyone that watches the PGA Tour as its the home of the Wells Fargo Championship. I have played here many times before and have had some good weeks and some bad. It's always been a place that I like and enjoy coming to.

Whilst we are all used to coming here, it is slightly different as it is a major and the course is set up by the PGA of America. As well as this there have been a number of changes to the course since we last played here. The 1st hole has been lengthened to over 500 yards and is now played to the area where the second green used to be. The 5th hole, a par five, is no more and now we have a par 3 and a par 4 in its place. Also the 11th has been lengthened by 30 yards. Along with these changes the grass has been changed to Bermuda and they have added a sub-air system under the greens.

All theses changes have made it a very different test to what we are used to and it is definitely a couple of shots harder than it used to be. The rough has really put a premium on hitting the fairways, as a bad lie can mean you are chipping out and a decent lie means that you have no control. With the forecast for rain during the week it means that it will play even tougher if you find the rough - it will hard enough to score coming off the fairway let alone out of the wet rough.

I have played 22 holes in practice this week. The course is wet and playing long so I didn't want to wear myself out. I would say that I have found the course tough, more like a US Open than a PGA Championship. However I am happy with where my game is and looking forward to starting and getting out there. While the course has been difficult in practice you never really know how it will play until you get into the tournament.

Pete Cowen and Bob Rotella are here this week. I am very happy with my game so Pete hasn't had to do anything with me. Bob and I have chatted as we normally do, but again I am happy with where my head is and so it hasn't been too in depth. Overall I know that my game is in good shape and that if I can hole a few putts then I have a good chance of getting myself into contention.

I am playing with fellow past PGA Champions, Davis Love and Keegan Bradley at 8.45am Thursday and 1.55pm on Friday. Two good guys to play with and both full of chat which I like.

Talk soon, Padraig.