Life is a lot easier when you play badly and then all of a sudden you get in contention and win one. No one gets on your back. When you finish runner-up seven times, everyone is asking, 'Why aren't you winning?' It's much more fun when you jump into a win out of the blue. It's a much tougher game when you play consistently well.

Rio 2016

Entry Date:
Aug 9, 2016

My Olympic dream is over, at least part of it. It didn't go quite as I had dreamed in that I didn't win a medal. I went out on Sunday needing a low score to have chance of Bronze but I was struggling with a reoccurring neck problem all week, and it flared up badly on Sunday. I wasn't able to brace at impact and so I had to clear early, I felt like Annika S?renstam. I'm not saying that this was the cause of me missing out on a medal but it didn't help my chances. I played with Matt Kuchar who played impeccably shooting 8 under, and it could have even been lower to finish in the bronze position.

I have to say that this has been everything I expected and more. Being a part of the Olympics is something special; to mix with all the best athletes in the world and see them going about their business has been brilliant.

In terms of my golf, I played very nicely until Sunday when my neck made it hard to swing. Thursday to Saturday I hit the ball well and could have shot low scores on each day if I was sinking putts. Saturday I scored my best but still left a lot of shots out there. I have been hitting the ball as good as I have ever hit it for a while now. I need to remain patient and wait for the putts to drop and then I will have a big week. I would have loved it to have been last week but unfortunately it wasn't to be.

The golf course turned out to be even better than I had thought. Like a lot of courses it is only when you play it in tournament conditions that you really get to see how it plays. When the wind changed direction it made a big difference to a lot of holes. This really showed how good the design is.

I've finished competing as an Olympian now and for the next week we are going to go and watch my fellow Olympians compete. I started my week off watching Usain Bolt win the 100 meters - what a brilliant occasion and a great way to take my mind off a poor day on the golf course. As I was competing last week I didn't get to go to many events but this week I have a full schedule planned with the family. We intend to make the most of the week and see as much sport as possible.

I'm an Olympian now and no one can ever take that away from me. What a great feeling. I intend to take the week off from golf and enjoy the sporting fest ahead of me.

Talk soon,

I'm finally here! It seems like only yesterday that I travelled with the Golf Federation to present to the IOC to get golf back into the Olympics; it's hard to believe that was seven years ago! When I made the presentation I firmly believed that I would be here, but in the end I needed some help from the guys dropping out. While it is disappointing not to have them here it is to my advantage, as come 7.41am Thursday morning I will be able to call myself an Olympian!! Wow, I can't wait!!

I got here Monday morning and have been soaking up the atmosphere in the Olympic Village ever since. It is so hard to describe it; everywhere you walk there are athletes that are at the top of their sport. It is a great feeling to be here mingling with them, watching them go about their business and competing. We have been playing a game at dinner where we try to guess everyone's sport. We only wish that they had to wear a badge, saying what it is, so as to see if we are right. The hardest thing about this week is the fact that we have to compete too, as opposed to just sitting back and enjoying it.

I met Seamus Power for the first time on Monday morning and we have played twenty seven holes in practice, on the Tuesday and Wednesday together. We've been having good craic and in typical Irish fashion there has been plenty of slagging. He will fit in well on tour next year!!

Monday I took it easy and walked nine holes, and then I played eighteen Tuesday and nine on Wednesday. The golf course is great; I wish we could play courses like this every week. There is no rough, only waste areas off the fairways. The ball sits up on the grass, so you can get some great spin on your shots, because of this it is great for chipping. This course brings the short game back to golf, you can hit it up around the green and you have a good chance of getting up and down from pretty much anywhere if you are a good chipper of the ball. The funny thing about the course is that I have barely hit a wedge shot. All the holes require either mid to long irons or chip shots as you hit it up around the green. It's an exciting course as there are plenty of birdie holes and some tough holes that you are happy to make par on. The defence here is the wind, if it blows then the scoring will be moderate but if we get good weather with little wind then the scoring will be very good.

I can't wait to get going and officially become an Olympian but I'm not stopping there. I am here and looking to win a gold medal for my country. I can think of nothing better than getting my hands on the gold medal on Sunday afternoon.

I am out early on Thursday at 7.41am - Rio time, which looks to be a good draw as the wind is to pick up in the afternoon. Hopefully the forecast is right!!

Talk soon,