Life is a lot easier when you play badly and then all of a sudden you get in contention and win one. No one gets on your back. When you finish runner-up seven times, everyone is asking, 'Why aren't you winning?' It's much more fun when you jump into a win out of the blue. It's a much tougher game when you play consistently well.

Travelers Championship

Entry Date:
Jun 24, 2015

As always it is disappointing to miss cuts and last week was no different. Having been practicing the previous week working a few different things, I was excited about going to Hartford last week. While I shot a good score in the first round it really wasn't from good play. I managed to shoot four under par when I really should have shot over par and not just a couple over. When I finished up on the last I said to Ronan that the 17th and 18th were the only holes where I didn't ?max out? my score. I had chances for birdie on both and missed them, but on the previous 16 holes I managed to get the very best out of every hole. When I finished up I decided against doing any practice as I felt it was best to be fresh in the morning rather than wearing myself out.

I went out on Friday in good position after my first round but I continued with my form from the previous day and just didn't play that well. I dropped a shot on my first hole and then hit it out of bounds on my third hole and followed it up with hitting it in the water on the next. When I had a chance to get a shot back on the 15th I three putted for par. Nothing was working for me. I kept battling as it was a tough morning and when I was on the course I thought that one under might make the cut. I was one under with three to play, but my last three holes, 7th-9th, were playing tough. I knew if I got in at 2 under then I would make the cut and 1 under would have a chance. Unfortunately I bogeyed the 7th and 9th to finish on one over par and comfortably miss the cut which in the end was 2 under.

It's frustrating to miss cuts but when I look back over this one I can see that I struggled with my game and so it's not as bad as some others. It is still very annoying considering that I managed to shoot four under on the first day but as I played poorly it is easier to see why.

I hung around for the weekend and did some practice as I had a corporate outing on Monday. I kept to my new regime of cutting back on the practice and so spent most of my time hitting wedges. My priority now is the Open and a major key to doing well at St Andrews will be my wedge play so I am committed to putting in a lot of practice between now and then.

Talk soon,

After a week of watching the U.S. Open on TV, I am back in action at the Travelers Championship in Hartford, which is a tournament that I always look forward too. I've played here a number of times now and really enjoy the week - I only missed it last year because it clashed with the Irish Open.

Missing out last week was very disappointing - it's never nice watching a major on TV. However I managed to keep my mind off it somewhat, as I was out at the Titleist Performance Institute in California doing some work. It was great to get back out there, see all the guys and get some good work done. I hadn't been out there for a while, so it was great to see my swing in 3D again and to get all the tests done. It all looked good, a few small things to work on but nothing too major. The main thing that came from it was that I don't need to do as much work - less is more for me!

This week has been a busy week so far. I had some media commitments on Monday, which took up much of the day. I got to hit a few shots which was good as I got my clubs flattened as a result of some testing I did last week. On Tuesday I had a corporate outing in Nantucket and so never made it to the course. On Wednesday I played the morning pro-am and then did some practice afterwards - it was mainly wedge play as I have committed to get that part of my game back to where it was in 2012, which means hitting more wedges and fewer full shots in practice. I also spent some time putting and chipping. Having played this course many times I am comfortable with only one practice round. The course is in super condition as always and there really isn't anything more they could do for us here this week - the course is great, the players lounge is excellent, everything is brilliant.

I like the course and am feeling good about things. I am playing with Harris English and Ken Duke at 12.55pm Thursday and then 7.40am on Friday. The Thursday tee time will be fine, but after having last week off Friday's tee time will be a shock to the system!

Talk soon,