Life is a lot easier when you play badly and then all of a sudden you get in contention and win one. No one gets on your back. When you finish runner-up seven times, everyone is asking, 'Why aren't you winning?' It's much more fun when you jump into a win out of the blue. It's a much tougher game when you play consistently well.

OHL Classic at Mayakoba

Entry Date:
Nov 12, 2014

It was a bad week and another missed cut. I struggled with my game, particularly from the tee. The course had plenty of birdie opportunities on it as long as you drove the ball well and as every hole was lined with jungle it meant that you must keep it in play to score. My trouble was that I wasn't confident from the tee and so every tee shot was difficult. I ended up having to take a few penalty drops as a result of poor drives and these ultimately killed my chances of playing over the weekend.

In both rounds I made enough birdies to shoot good scores but I had too many bad holes; double bogies in both rounds were blows as they both came at a time when I was under par. In the end I missed the cut comfortably which was very disappointing.

After realising the previous week that I was being too hard on myself I was a lot better last week. Even though it was hard considering that I struggled with my game, I made much more of a effort to not get down on myself and over analyze my shots. As a result this missed cut was much more to do with me struggling with my game rather than me being too hard on myself.

I am off for a couple of weeks now before I play my last tournament of the year and will be working on a few things in my swing that showed up last week.

Talk soon,

This week I am in Mexico for the OHL Classic at Mayokoba, which is the last PGA Tour event before the new year. It's my first time playing in this tournament and also my first time in this part of the country. The last time I played in Mexico was back in the early 2000's in the World Cup with Paul McGinley.

I arrived at the resort on Monday afternoon but decided to take the day off and relax. Tuesday was my first look at the golf course and seeing as I am playing it for the first time and a lot of the players have played it before, I played 18 holes. I did a bit of practice before I went out and played the course on my own. When I was out on the course I noticed that my three wood wasn't really going well. I had a hit a few funny ones with it last week too and when I looked at it I noticed that it was cracked. When I got to the turn I went back to the range to test a couple of different ones. Unfortunately they didn't have any like the one I have been using, but I managed to get one that goes pretty good although is a little upright for me. I then played the back nine.

The course is designed by Greg Norman and he's done a really good job of it. It feels a little claustrophobic because every hole is lined by jungle, but it is a good test as it can get windy. It's not long but the key is to keep the ball in play and over the years a number of guys that are not big hitters have won here. I like the design of the course and if you keep it in play from the tee then you feel that you can make birdies, but if you don't then its a penalty.

On Wednesday I played the morning pro am. I struggled a bit on the course in terms of my strike and never felt comfortable in terms of the starting line of my shots. After the pro am I hit some balls to try and figure it out, but I was pulling some and then over-cutting others, which generally means that I am peeling out of it too early. I worked on this and it seemed to help a bit with my fades, but my draws still weren't great. A lot of times I wouldn't feel as bad about it but this week, with there being so much trouble off the tee, you want to be in control of your ball.

I like the course a lot but I would like to be hitting it a bit better. I will miss my old three wood too as it was like a second driver for me. I am out early on Thursday and late on Friday, but really this week it is just early and earlier as the tee time are all in the morning. It nice to be out early day one as it won't be too windy, gives me a chance to settle into the tournament and see how I am hitting it.

Talk soon,